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Maria ([personal profile] kiwiana) wrote2012-12-12 09:21 pm

It's sticky! What is it?!

If you're looking for my fanfiction, fanart, podfics or fanmixes, head over to Tango to Fandom at LiveJournal.

This journal is mostly friends only, except for the odd public post - which is usually something I want to leave open for discussion. I love making new friends! Just drop a comment here :) If I friended you, then clearly you seem awesome.

If you do decide to add me, here's what you might want to know:
♥ My journal is very, very broad - I ramble about everything from fandom to real life to politics to everything in between. I'm pretty staunch in my opinions but I love debating with people, so please don't ever feel afraid to offer a different viewpoint to mine.
♥ I'm 20, and I'm a New Zealander (with something of an Australian accent which is totally my father's fault), so sometimes I use words and terms that are pretty unique to Down Under. If you don't understand something, just ask! I don't mind XD
♥ I love music (I play a variety of instruments, including cello, keyboard, drums, alto saxophone, and I also sing), reading, watching movies, I LOVE Broadway shows, and I'm a sucker for extreme sports (bungee jumping, skydiving etc).
♥ I'm horribly, horribly addicted to Coca-Cola.
♥ I'm a rabid fangirl, a writer/poet, an actor, a singer, and a dreamer.
♥ I'm somewhat addicted to tattoos.
♥ I live with [personal profile] bloodnfire (my incestuous gay lover). Our whole life is cracktastic and insane.
♥ I love my friends! I try to comment as often as possible, and I can't wait to get to know you guys :)

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